Gourmet Florence

    How it works

    You get in touch with us with (or without) an idea of what you’d love to discover or find here and let us know about your group and interests. We will curate a fantastic city experience for you, arrange everything at your convenience and then of course give you lots of extra tips on eating, drinking and the other indulgent things to do in your favourite city!


    Gourmet Florence

    Aperitivo time..  Come taste your way around this sumptious city. Savour its bustling markets & heritage food haunts, with a tailor made tour of Florentine delights.

    Tuscany is famous for boasting some of the the finest food in Italy and what better way to discover Florence than through its wonderful food culture and heritage. Wander the enchanting back streets getting to know the city whilst sampling delicious local delicacies.

    Visit local markets and meet the traditional purveyors of Tuscany’s finest cheeses, wines, chocolates and pastries. For a truly authentic, delicious epicurean adventure this tour is a must.

    Pimp it……

    Take advantage of our additional services and add an extra to your wonderful tailor made experience.

    We can arrange a car service, an extended tour period, lunch with your guide, bespoke out of town itineraries, private gallery & studio appointments & personal shopping services.

    Just let us know what’s on your wish list and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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