Sourcing for Private and Corporate Clients

    Sourcing service

    This is a special service designed for those who have an idea of what they like or want, but don’t know where to find it or don’t have time to look.  Maybe they are looking for a piece of furniture in a specific colour or material, or looking special decorative piece or particular style of antique rug?

    With our international network of suppliers we can source or create contemporary pieces, antiques and art from around the globe. This service is aimed at both, individuals or companies and can be used for the home, events or one off projects.

    How it works

    We’ll meet for an initial consultation where you can let us know exactly what you’re looking for or discuss ideas if you’re looking for inspiration or advice. Then we’ll indulge our passion for treasure hunting, sourcing far & wide to find just the right furnishings & objects to create original, beautiful and harmonious pieces tailor made for your project. Each proposal will be tailor made to suit your taste, style and budget for any project whether big or small.

    Use our unique services to source:
    - Fabrics and textiles
    - Custom made pieces hand made by highest quality craftsmen
    - Objects and decorative arts
    - Accessories
    - Artworks
    - Antiques
    - Restoration projects

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